Faculty Members


DrPatooghy Dr. Ahmad Patooghi DrFazeli Dr. Mahdi Fazeli

Current Researchers/PHD students


MohammadTaheriFard Mohammad Taherifard
00000000 Vahid Jamshidi
Katirayi Mosoud Katirayi
sebt_dsalab Seyyed Mohammad Sebt
 Ehsan_Aerabi  Ehsan Aerabi
2f659950-f28f-4e42-b3ea-30317f2b2898 Somayye Kashi 



Current MS.c Students

Ghadimi Hamed Ghadimi
safari  Mahdi Safari
 Rezayi  Hamid Reza Rezayi
 koohjani  Ahmad Koohjani
 VahdatPanah  Vahdatpanah
 noorian Mohammad Amin Noorian
 arezoomand  Fatemeh Arezoomand


Graduated students


Name Graduation

Thesis title

Ali Mirzaeyan MSc, Oct 2015  Resistance improvement of Advanced Encryption Statndard (AES) algorithm
Arash Zabihollah pour MSc, Sep 2015 Using MTJ for Design New Logic circuit and Enhance CMOS Based circuit performance
Mahdi Amininasab MSc, Sep 2015 Presenting an efficient method for control flow checking for dependable embedded system
Mahsa Dehghani MSc, Sep 2015  Security Improvement of AES-based Cryptosystems Against Control Flow Attacks
Mohammad Saleh Samimi MSc, Apr 2015 An Efficient Logic Encryption Technique to Secure Digital Circuit Design
Vahid Reza Moghaddas MSc, Mar 2015 Energy-Efficient Fault-Tolerant Task Scheduling for Real-Time Multiprocessor Systems
Ali Zarei MSc, Sep 2014 A New Countermeasure against DFA Fault Attacks in Cryptosystems
Bahar Asgari MSc, Reliability Enhancement of On-Chip Memories of Modern Processors Using Non-Volatile Memories
Mahdi Kaykha MSc, Signature Extraction for Hardware Monitoring to Secure Processing in Embedded Systems

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